Monday, April 5, 2010

April 2010

Presidency Message
To my dear sisters of the El Dorado Ward. . . This month we celebrated the 168th birthday of the Relief Society. President Joseph F. Smith (1839-1918) explained that the Relief Society was "divinely made, divinely authorized, divinely instituted, divinely ordained of God to minister for the salvation of the souls of women and men." There is no other organization for women that has such a place in the Lord's kingdom. So a question comes to mind. Do we value our membership in Relief Society? I want each of you to know that Relief Society has come to be one of the treasures of my life. Just as temple attendance is, Relief Society has come to be a haven from the cares of the world. When I come to Relief Society I have come to enjoy the education I receive from all of the great lessons, but I so enjoy the sisterhood and feeling the spiritual strength and testimony from those who are in attendance. My life has been greatly enriched from all of the great sisters in the gospel that I have become acquainted with through Relief Society attendance. They have all helped me build and bolster my testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ. In attendance at the first Relief Society meeting there were three teenagers. The oldest was in her fifties. Eleven of them were married, six unmarried, and two were widows. This first meeting set the pattern for generation to come. Women of all ages come together in Relief Society to form a circle of sisterhood to help us all come unto Christ.

Bits and Pieces

We are in need of a good seamstress to make a new Sacrament tablecloth.

We would like to welcome Ruth Lambert (formerly Ruth Matthews) into the ward. She married Dean Lambert at the end of March. Congrats to them both!

Upcoming Events

Saturday, April 24- Stake Relief Society Enrichment at the Brookside Building at 11am. The day will include demos, speakers, and delicious lunch.

Fridays, April 16th and 30th- Pie Night at Shanna Behling's. Shanna is starting Pie Night so that ward members can come and get to know each other. You can bring your spouse or come by yourself. Pie and ice cream will be served as we just talk, and enjoy each other's company.

Relief Society Lesson Schedule

4th- Chosen Conference Talk

11th- Chapter 7

18th- Chapter 8

25th- Chosen Conference Talk


2nd- Darkus Mary Swasey, Sierra Cripps

3rd- Barbara Kirby

4th- April Lindsey

6th- Elizabeth Kosnikowski

8th- Kelli Wroten

10th- Kali Matthews

11th- Emily Taylor

13th- Sarem Meas, Ruth Matthews

14th- Jeanine Parker, Bonnie Hild

22nd- Berthella Clyne, Sheila Reavill, Debra Thornton

26th- Paula Corbitt, Aileen Eguinea

28th- Shirley King

Spotlight: Shanna Behling

Birth date: December 16, 194


Hymn: On This Day of Joy and Gladness #64

Color: Blue

Food: Chicken Thai Salad

Current Calling: Relief Society President

Children: Shanna has 3 daughters, 1 son, 3 granddaughters, and 3 grandsons. She grew up in Carmicheal and graduated from BYU with a Masters Degree in Child Development and Family Relations. She was the director of a preschool at BYU Hawaii for 5 years, met her husband (now ex) there, and was a stay at home mom for some time. She taught parent education for Grant High School district. For the last six years, she has owned her own business called Ms. Shanna's Music Magic. She goes to local schools and teaches children songs and musical games. She does 24 music programs a week and teaches 20 piano lessons a week. She loves traveling and visiting her children. Her goal is to take organ lessons, to be a really great grandmother, and to get to know the sisters of the El Dorado ward.

To view the Relief Society Visiting Teaching Message please click here.

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