Thursday, February 25, 2010

March 2010

Welcome to the new El Dorado Ward Relief Society Blog! We are excited to welcome our new presidency Shanna Behling, Judy Moor, Virginia Bird, and Joyce Godi. We are thankful for the service and love received from our last presidency Joy Baird, Tina Arnell, Myrna Elias, and Barbara Emmett.

Presidency Message
The greatest gift that our Heavenly Father has bestowed upon us is the gift of the Holy Ghost. It gives us a testimony of Jesus Christ and of his work on the earth. It brings us comfort in times of trials and tribulations. It prompts us to do the will of the Lord. As we are bombarded from every side by the adversary, we need this gift more than ever. May we all strive to live worthy to have this great gift of the Holy Ghost with us on a daily basis. --Your Relief Society Presidency

Upcoming Events
Thursday, March 18 at 6pm is the Relief Society Birthday Dinner! Please come and enjoy a guest speaker and delicious food.

Sunday, March 21 is Ward Conference.
We would like to wish a Happy Birthday to...
1st- Judith Peterson
2nd- Amy Bingham, Claudette McKee
4th- Kathleen Vance
5th- Jaqueline Krause
11th- Kiyoko Martinez

13th- Brenda Joyce Hodgson, Maxine Stone
14th- Patty McBride
15th- Angela Lewis, Sharla Odle
17th- Lillian Loyd
18th- Renee Gutierrez
19th- Safira Mendez
22nd- Rebecca Paul
24th- Kathy Johnson
25th- Julie Baker
26th- Judy Moor
28th- Jessy Maashoff, Rebecca Swan
29th- Dana Renee Allen, Alyssa Demattei, Virginia Fortuny

Lesson Schedule
March 7th- Presidency Message
March 14th- Lesson 5
March 21st- Lesson 6
March 28th- Chosen Conference Talk, "Being Temperent in all Things"

Spotlight: Ana
Birthday- February 9
Favorite Hymn- We
Thank Thee Oh God for a Prophet
Favorite Color- Blue
Favorite Food- Chicken
Husband- Semisi
Children- Aisea 4, Sarah 3, and
Nanuma 5 months.
Ana was born and raised in American Samoa. She moved to Oregon in 2004 and to Stockton in 2006. She has three sisters and one brother. Ana graduated high school, went to Western Career College and studied to be a Medical Assistant. She currently works as a caregiver for an elderly woman, and is looking for a job as a medical assistant. She met her husband through friends while drinking Kava which is a cultural tradition. She loves to dance, cook, and spend time with her family.

For the March Visiting Teaching Message click here

For a delicious Irish Stew click here

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  1. Hey I finally found this....I like it very much. I even got the recipe for corned beef and cabbage ! ! !Thanks!
    I love all the graphics.
    You are wonder.

    Virginia Bird