Sunday, October 9, 2011

October Newsletter

***Presidency Message***

The church has just finished the 181st semi-annual General Conference. As I sat watching the session on my television, I couldn't help but remember the many ways in which I have been able to view conference over my lifetime.  As a child we usually were able to watch the Sunday morning session on TV. Then as a student at BYU we quite often went to conference in the tabernacle. For many years when I was raising my children we went to our Stake Center and watched all the sessions there. But in most recent years, it has been one of my greatest blessings to be able to watch all of the sessions sitting in my own living room!

Years ago, as a college student, of one my religion classes was "Teachings of the Living Prophets." The latest conference talks were the required reading. With each conference talk we had to find two principles of the gospel that we needed to implement in our lives. Then we had to keep a journal of things that happened in our daily lives that changed or occurred as a direct result of trying to live that principle of the gospel.

Of course there were always some miracles that occurred because of our efforts. So as we leave our conference experience this October, try to find ways to implement principles that were given in the talks. The success of any conference talk can only be judged by the changes in each of our lives. I pray for each one of you, that you might enjoy the blessings promised to all those who keep his commandments. President Hinkley, when he was sustained as a prophet in April 1995, urged us to "stand a little taller...This is a season to be strong. It is a time to move forward without hesitation... It is a time to become more Christlike..."

Shanna Behling
RS President

***October Birthdays***

10/1: Susan Westra, Georgia Stewart
10/2: Vanessa Park, Theresa Gaiato
10/3: Allie Malone
10/4: Kristin Ryan, Cynthia Lundquist, Kristina Hammarstrom
10/6: Diane Bingham
10/7: Ning Lancaster
10/8: Cynthia Morrow
10/9: Rachel McGovern
10/13: Cheryl Rangel
10/16: Laurie Thornhill
10/17: Yvette Fendley
10/20: Diana Raja, Andi Angel
10/24: Michelle Payne
10/26: Gayle Rendon

***Lesson Schedule***
October 16th: Lesson #44- The Second Coming of Jesus Christ
October 23rd: Ensign- The Holy Temple a Beacon (Pres. Monson- May 2011)
October 30th: Combined meeting with Priesthood

***Visiting Teaching Message Link***

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