Friday, July 15, 2011

July Message

Relief Society Message

Dear Sisters,

Half the year is over now and I hope everyone is getting the things done that they said they wanted to get done this year.  Last night I attended the homeowners association meeting for The Pines, the community where I live.  At the beginning we stood to salute the flag and as we did, I was struck with awe at the great privilege we have to live here in the United States of America!  I started pondering about where the great feelings of patriotism have come from in my life.

In the Book of Mormon, in Ether 2:7 to be exact, we are told that his is a land, "choice above all other lands," and that the Lord has "preserved it for a righeous people."  I think that our feelings of patriotism come from the teachings we have learned from the gospel of Jesus Christ.  The virtues of respect, integrity, loyalty, sacrifice, fairness, and consideration for others are all necessary for effective citizenship in a democratic society.  All of these traits are taught in primary, Sunday School, young men and young women activities, and especially Family Home Evening and in the home.  We just celebrated the Fourth of July and many of us saw parades and enjoyed picnics.  Amidst all of these activities I hope each of us gave thanks to God and renewed our commitment to do our part and to teach our children the necessary democratic principles that we must live by so that we might continue to enjoy our great freedoms.

Sister Behling
R.S. President


July 1: Myrna Elias, Katie Moor, Roberta Lynne Hannibal
July 3: Marian Davis, Alicia Baird,
July 6: Elizabeth Cruz
July 7: Tamara Payton
July 8: Eula Hilburn
July 10: Bobbie Joy Cecil
July 12: Theng Vang
July 20: Eleanor Poile
July 22: Colleen Maldonado
July 24: Victoria Orihuela
July 28: Kathleen Long
July 30: Christina Fritchen

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