Saturday, February 5, 2011

February 2011

Presidency Message:

Today is the last day of 2010. Today I attended the temple and as I drove up the road to the Sacramento temple, I reflected on what a miracle it is to have a temple so close to us! I grew up in Sacramento, only about fifteen minutes from where the temple is, and as a youth I never dreamed of having a temple in Sacramento. About three years ago I attended a singles conference and was challenged to "step-up your temple attendance." Each year since that time I have tried to go more than the year before. And so for the year 2011, I challenge each sister in the El Dorado Ward to "step-up your temple attendance." If you do so I promise that you will enjoy a better relationship with your Heavenly Father and feel the presence of the Holy Ghost more in your life. Also you can feel a great peace of mind when your family has been sealed together and you know that that family unit can not be broken by death. It is my hope that for this new year each of you may rejoice in the blessings of the temple.

February Birthdays:

Feb 1- Leah Schroeder
Feb 5- Lori Beyer
Feb 6- Ana Stanger
Feb 9- Ana Mohetau
Feb 11- Frances Gatsman
Feb 11- Anita Mc Bride
Feb 13- Lesia Balderama
Feb 14- Ana Cazale
Feb 15- Setphanie Loya
Feb 16- Rochelle Anderson
Feb 17- Mary Gainer
Feb 18- Erin McDonald
Feb 20- Rosalinda Venegas
Feb 22- Georgia Conner
Feb 23- Marguerite Fryer
Feb 28- Joyce Godi

Relief Society lesson schedule:

Feb 6~~~ "Rejoice in the Blessings of the Temple"
Given by Sister Behling
Feb 13~~~ Gospel Principles manual: Lesson #27 "Work and Personal Responsibility"
Given by Sister Pocock
Feb 20~~~ Gospel Principles manual: Lesson @28 "Service"
Given by Sister Maldonado
Feb 27~~~ November 2010 Ensign: "Pride and the Priesthood" by President Uchtdorf
Given by Sister Hunt
(click to get a copy of this talk: http://

**Don't forget your manual/Ensign each week so you can participate in the lesson**

Visiting Teaching message:

February's message can be found by clicking on the following link:

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